The love of whisky

Game of Drams is a project of two friends obsessed with researching, discussing, nosing and tasting whisky. We’re known in the world of whisky as Doctor Dram and the Whisky Fiend.

As our interest in whisky grew over many years, the amount of information available was staggering!

No wonder people keep drinking the same old shit… there’s too much to learn… no easy place to do it…

So, we created the Game of Drams.

What's with the name?

The name ‘Game of Drams’ is a bit of an inside joke. 

It represents the adventure, enjoyment and discovery of whisky, while poking fun at pop-culture.

Every time you interact with the world of whisky by reading, discussing, nosing or tasting; you’re playing the Game of Drams. Your understanding of the whisky world develops through this game and we accelerate it by playing together.

Whisky is meant to be fun.

New to Game of Drams?

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We promote whisky discovery, without the snobbery.

Tasting whisky is difficult

Whisky is full of different notes and flavours, but each person may perceive these things differently because of their experiences. It’s all subjective and personalized.

We help whisky fans create ways to develop their palates while keeping tasting notes approachable.

There are no 100 point rating scales here (have you noticed that you can never find a whisky with 60 points or less??).

No overly exaggerated tasting phrases that intimidate through obscurity.

We’re always trying to improve how we taste and rate whiskies.

Whisky Fiend

While we continue to share a passion for whisky together, Dr Dram had to step away from the Game of Drams due to other life priorities.

Game of Drams continues strong under the obsessive whisky-watch of the Whisky Fiend.

Here’s a few random facts about the Whisky Fiend:

  • Australian expat living in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Engineer making bad-ass cars for the world’s most innovative company
  • Whisky writer, reviewer and photographer… with a slight compulsion for whisky sniffing
  • Analytical towards everything in life
  • Loves the smell of peat, bonfires, chimneys and Lapsang Souchong tea
  • Die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan (Steelers fans are still welcome here)
  • Fictional hero: Ron Swanson
  • Real heroes: Too many to name

You can find the Whisky Fiend on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or contact him directly via email.

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